Genacol® made of 100% Collagen

With continued aging, our connective tissues and muscle tissues break down due to an increase in collagen deficiency and damage. As a result, we experience a weakening of our skeletal structure. We are feeling the pains young driver scheme so what will we do to feed our joints?

Collagen is a protein molecule which makes up 75% of the skin. The bodys production of collagen slows down at age 25. Because of this, the skin starts to wrinkle and loses its youthful glow, forgets our young drivers scheme and soon we develop ridges and furrows as skin loses elasticity and moisture.

Sports injuries can creep up slowly and progressively get worse. Of particular concern to athletes are joint injuries that reduce their range of motion and their performance. Pain in the knees, elbows, ankles or wrists should never be ignored. Joint pains can typically lead to chronic problems.

In a very significant three-month study aimed at comparing Genacolï with a liquid formula and a market collagen, Dr. Stephen Ho, a well known trauma physician, evaluated the results using five groups of test subjects. Each group consisted of 30 subjects, all similar in size, weight, health condition, age, and gender. The first group was given the Genacolï product to be taken over a 90-day period; the second group took the liquid collagen; the third group received a common market collagen supplement; the fourth group was given a placebo composed of neutral ingredients; the fifth group (the control group) was given nothing at all.